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 Before School Program

Our Before School Program Opens at 6 AM. 
Your child may eat before coming or is welcome to eat breakfast at our facility. We offer juice drinks, water and snacks to compliment the breakfast they bring from home.* Our facility offers microwave use for meal convenience. Mornings are free play where children can take advantage of our large play area, many toys and other children to socialize with. We pack up and safely transport your child to school where they will have enough time to settle themselves and organize their belongings for their school day.
If the school is on a delay we are as well.
1 hour - We open at 7:00am
2 hour - We open at 8:00am
*If school is cancelled during this time, you have one hour to pick up your child. Regular late fees will apply after the hour.

After School Program

We pick the children up every day in our bus that sits in the schools bus parking lot. Our bus is clearly labeled Fuller's and the school staff are all familiar with us and can assist your child to our bus safely. From there we go straight to our facility. On a typical day your child can expect to come in and put their belongings away in their cubby. Then, we have snack time where child can either bring a snack from home or purchase one from us for $.50 each. After snack, we move along straight into homework time where your child will be assisted when needed. Parents of younger children can expect help with everything from reading directions to reviewing completed work for correctness. Older children will be assisted after asking for help with those difficult words and questions. When your child's homework is complete they will be released into free time where they can play with toys and games or participate in structured play activities with other children. On nice days we take full use of our outdoor play equipment. Pick up is anytime before 6PM. 

  We operate on Early Release days beginning when they are released from school until regular closing time 6PM at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

We "DO" pick up in Inclement weather at the time of the release and close 3 hours from that time. 
Regular late charges apply after the 3 hour release.
School releases at 12pm, we close at 3pm.
School releases at 2pm, we close at 5pm.

Summer Camp Program 2018

We are now signing up for Summer Camp 2018  Camp begins on Monday, June 12th 2017 and ends Friday, August 25th, 2017. Call us now for additional information or stop by for a visit and sign up to reserve your spot now!

Everyday in Summer Camp is packed full of FUN! Our Summer Camp Program runs the entire duration of the academic summer (excluding July 3rd & 4th). Educational Activities, Arts & Crafts, Cooking, Structured Play, Special Guest and Palace Pointe Movies is what you should expect. We also go on Field Trips EVERY WEEK. Museums (Marbles) Bounce Houses (Monkey Joes), Skating, & Swimming (Triangle Sportsplex) are just a few of our favorite places! 

Visit our BLOG for Weekly Updates and Schedules. We do our best to have the Weekly Summer Camp Event Schedule posted on our blog. We also post new happenings, updates and things to be expected! Check out our BLOG and information board to stay current with all that is going on. Please also remember that if your child is in Summer Camp your Weekly Event Schedule will be printed off and placed in your childs cubby home every Monday morning.
Fullers International Taekwondo Programs & Classes / Schedule & Fees
Are you tired of fussing with homework every single night? Do you want a Safe, Fun Place for your child Before & After School? What about a Summer Camp Program that is full of Field Trips, Games, Educational Activities and Lots of Fun? 

Looking for a program to teach your child Respect, Integrity, Self-Control, Confidence or Discipline? Maybe someone in your family could use a little more Physical Fitness?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you have found the right place! Take a look at the Programs and Classes we offer to find the one that best fits your family's needs!
Adult F.I.T. Kickboxing Class

TBA: An Adult kickboxing class focusing on F.I.T.ness. We work on the bag as well as floor drills. This class is designed for ages 10+. Please contact us for additional information.
Tuesdays & Thursdays 7pm - 7:45pm

Lil Dragon Class

TBA:: This class is designed for 3-5 years old to learn basic Taekwondo, movement development and fitness. Along with safety at home and away, self defense and general nutrition. 
Call for more information.

Beginner Taekwondo

​Offered Monday and Thursday from 6:00pm - 7:00pm. 
This class is designed for beginners aged 5+. We practice beginner Forms and Techniques, Self-Defense, Point and Flag Sparring skills. 

Advanced Taekwondo Class

​Offered Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00pm - 7:00pm. 
This class is for advanced ranks. We focus on material that is needed for testing at higher ranks and associated skills. Sparring and Self Defense is broken down into the hows and whys. 

All Ranks Class

Offered on Thursdays 6:00 pm - 7:00pm. 
This class is open to all ranks and ages. We practice basic fitness and skills, Taekwondo techniques and stretching. Expect kicks, blocks, strikes, stances and lots of basics! A great way for beginners to learn and practice techniques and for advanced students to keep these skills that are often over looked and not practiced every class. 

Additional Information

Classes will be added as needed to accommodate class size.

The school may be closed or instructed by an Assistant Instructor on certain Holidays, Instructor vacations, tournament/seminar events or other unforeseen reasons. Make-Up classes on Saturdays may be used if there are no Assistant Instructors available. Please check facility bulletin boards for any updates. Schedules and Fees may change at any time.

Taekwondo and Kickboxing classes will consist of 6-9 classes per month (depending on Holidays, School Breaks, Inclement Weather, and Tournaments).

We are closed on Holidays, the last two weeks in December and Spring Break Week. Teacher Workdays are optional.

*Snacks are $0.50. Drinks are $0.50. For $1 your child can purchase a snack and a drink. 


Before School
Monday - Friday
6 AM - 7:45 AM

After School
Monday - Friday
3PM - 6 PM

Summer Camp
Monday - Friday
6:30 AM - 6 PM


Beginner Taekwondo
Mondays & Thursdays
6:00 PM - 7:00PM

Advanced Taekwondo
Tuesdays & Thursdays
6:00 PM - 7:00PM

All Ranks
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Registration Fee
$25.00 Before & After School
(per school year)

$25.00 Taekwondo

Before School 
$25.00 per week

After School
$40.00 per week

Before & After School
$65.00 per week

Summer Camp Full-Time (2018)

$90.00 Per Week (11 weeks)

Due at Sign-Up $150.00

Includes: Camp T-Shirt, Registration
 & All Activity Fees 

Summer Camp Weekly (2018)

$125.00 per week (Choose your weeks)

Due at Sign-Up $75.00

Includes: All Activity Fees and Camp T-shirt 
if signed up by June 1st.

Summer Camp Daily

$30.00 (Other Fees May Apply)

Taekwondo Classes
$65.00 per month

Discount for families with 
3 or More Members

Testing Fees
$30.00 & up

$40.00 & up

Schedule & Fees

All Enrollment Forms
Are Available at the Center